Quentin Tarantino steps back from directing a new Star Trek film


Speaking to Deadline following the rush of Oscar nominations for his latest film, the subject of Quentin Tarantino’s involvement in an upcoming Star Trek film came up once again, with Tarantino now seemingly distancing himself from the project.

The project has been gestating for awhile now, with news of its script making headlines and Tarantino reminding us that he’s always conscious of hanging up the ‘ol director’s smock. Now it would seem, whether or not the indie-turned-titan truly will retire from directing soon, Star Trek likely won’t be that coup de grâce.

When asked whether he’d officially decided to direct the Star Trek script penned by The Revenant screenwriter Mark L Smith, Tarantino replied with a coy “I think they might make that movie, but I just don’t think I’m going to direct it.” He goes on to call it a “good idea,” and mentions a willingness to contribute “notes on the first rough cut,” but it sounds like Tarantino is over the notion of directing the film himself.

Which I think we all saw coming, given the man’s track record. Tarantino is a singular force in Hollywood, a powerhouse of original scripts and high-budgeted direction and talent. As much fun as his spin on a franchise film would no doubt be, dedicating that much time and effort to a production that isn’t wholly his has never seemed like something he’d go for this far into his career.

Still, the prospect of a Tarantino produced Star Trek isn’t something I’d be too skeptical about, though this is pure conjecture. Give the Deadline interview a full read; love him or hate him, Tarantino is a tremendous personality in the film world, and the interview is full of his always-enthusiastic insight on the industry.

For news on all things Tarantino and all things Star Trek (but not all things Tarantino Star Trek!) stay tuned.

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