Rami Malek in final talks to play villain in next Bond film, Shatterhand


Here’s some really good news after a streak of worrisome reports about the next Bond film, Shatterhand: Rami Malek is in talks to play the villain. Now, we may not have been in support of him winning all the acting awards this year but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a talented actor and, man, does he have the right look for a Bond villain. The franchise is really knocking it out of the park with getting top stars to be villains as this will be the third Oscar-winning actor in a row to play one. 

Malek had been in consideration for quite some time now, but scheduling conflicts with filming the last season of Mr. Robot were keeping him from committing. Evidently, those were ironed out and after his Oscar win both the Bond producers and Malek’s team were keen to get him into the film. We’ll probably hear confirmation in the next few days when things are ironed out, but Collider’s sources seems to think that this is a pretty sure thing.

This does put a bit of a damper on the theory that we’ll see an adaptation of You Only Live Twice on the screen as Malek is far too young to take over for Christoph Waltz as Blofeld. Then again, that book’s Blofeld had had extensive reconstructive surgery to change his appearance. That’s a pretty big leap even for a Bond film, though, so more likely the movie will either be ditching the Blofeld storyline all together or we’re in for some even stranger plot twist. As long as the Garden of Death is there, I’m still in. 

Well, it’s Bond, so I’m always in but even more in.

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