Ranking the major Power Rangers villains


For every great hero, there must always be a great villain. Cinema has been known to feature wonderful conflicts generated around an embodiment of villainy and strife being bested by a paragon of virtue. Darth Vader versus Luke Skywalker. Voldemort versus Harry Potter. Thanos versus the Avengers (even though he did nothing wrong).

For Power Rangers villains…we have a guy who bakes people into pizza fighting spandex goobers.

Okay, that may be a gross oversimplification of the conflict present in Power Rangers, but if there’s one thing the series is known for, it’s for creating unique villains to fight against the Rangers each and every season. Sometimes they’re goofy. Other times, they’re serious. Whatever the case, they always pose some kind of threat to our heroes. You know…most of the time.

But with so many villains in the franchise, an inevitable question arises: which Power Rangers villains are the best? For the sake of this list, I’m not referring to the one-off monster of the day bad guys that no one ever remembers. I’m talking about the big bads, the villains that are constant threats to the Rangers throughout each season, and are able to bring the Rangers to their knees. Each season may see the Rangers tackle with a crew of lackeys, but at the end of the day, it’s the big bad leader that poses the true final test to the Rangers.

After consulting with other Power Ranger scholars nerds, we came to realize a problem with trying to limit our list to one villain per season. Some seasons have multiple villains -each of which are vying for ultimate power- while later seasons split antagonists between two parts, one taking prominence in the first half with the second half supplanting them.

Because of that, we were able to whittle down our list of ultimate antagonists to 27 with each season represented by one villain. In Space, Time Force, Operation Overdrive, Dino Charge, and Ninja Steel each have two representatives due to the structure of their seasons. Because it’s season still airing, Beast Morphers has been left off this list, though it will be updated upon completion.

As far as how we ranked these Power Ranger villains, we based our ranking on a few specific elements. First, how memorable were they as antagonists? Second, how good was their overall design? Third, did they score any major victories against the Rangers? Finally, by season’s end, were we glad that they were a villain in the season? That allowed us to have a tight and concise ranking of all of the major villains in a list that, in our opinion, feels about as accurate as you could be given the large history of the franchise.

For the record, we’re keeping our list to appearances within the TV show. As much as we wanted to put Lord Drakkon on this list (because he honestly is one of the best Power Rangers villains), we just couldn’t do it. So let’s dive right into this list with our unanimous bottom choice.


1,839,275,204) Elgar (Turbo/ In Space)

Fuck Elgar.


27) Hydro Hog (Alien Rangers)

Okay, time to actually start this list and not shit on Elgar. Hydro Hog is the weird anomaly on this list as he’s technically the main antagonist of the Alien Ranger miniseries and not an overarching series villain. Even then, he BARELY qualifies. He fought the Alien Rangers on their home planet and he’s come to Earth to finish the job.

Look, we needed some Alien Ranger representative that wasn’t Master Vile and since Hydro Hog was the bad guy for two of the ten episodes, he’ll do. No one cares about Hydro Hog. Seriously, we all forgot this guy was a thing until we rewatched the miniseries.


26) Moltor (Operation Overdrive)

While Hydro Hog was forgettable bad, Moltor is just plain bad. He has little personality except being angry all the time and speaks in a constant grumble that’s grating and uninteresting. I like to consider him the first of a makeshift trio of villains whose defining character trait is just being angry every chance they get. He feels like a generic monster that was given top billing because Operation Overdrive had no real idea who it wanted to make its central antagonist, so why not have multiple options?

The season was unique insomuch as it had four villain factions. While two of them aren’t on this list because of how insignificant they are and one has yet to pop up on this list, Moltor was easily the worst of the bunch. Oh, and he looks like he was based on the Heat Miser while his brother was based on the Snow Miser. Ew. Nice hat though.


25) The Demons (Lightspeed Rescue)

We tried to look far and wide for an official name for this group of antagonists, but we found absolutely nothing. They’re essentially generic monsters all working together to revive their leader, Queen Bansheera -who looks pretty hideous and is a suitable final boss-, but all of her lieutenants barely register and they’re the enemies we see the Rangers fight against for 95% of the season.

Diabolica, the initial antagonist, is okay at best and has a decent arc towards the end of the season. Olympius, Bansheera’s son, barely registers as a presence. And Vypra… can rot in the pits of hell. That acting…my God that acting… If they were one-off monsters, then they would be pretty alright, but as the main antagonists of a season, they left a ton to be desired.


24) Flurious (Operation Overdrive

I’ll give Flurious this: the man actually has a brain in his head. While Moltor is more hot-headed and quick to action, Flurious is the calmer of the two brothers and is more prone to playing the long game and letting his idiot brother do the heavy lifting for him. He also serves as the final villain of the season, but the Rangers are able to beat him without really trying. No Zord battle required.

Flurious powers up, then gets his ass handed to him a few minutes later. He doesn’t even lose to the whole team, just the Red Ranger. All of that build-up for absolutely nothing. Then again, that’s par for the course for Operation Overdrive. 

Power Rangers Villains 23

23) Master Vile (MMPR S3)

Technically the true villain of MMPR (solely because he’s Rita and Rito’s dad), Master Vile gets points for having a really cool design and actually being able to tank direct hits from the Ranger’s Megazord. That’s pretty nice! He also vanishes pretty quickly after he appears, is completely bland, and is kind of a dweeb. That’s not nice! He gets beaten a handful of times, throws a temper tantrum, then runs away, though not before throwing a surreal party with a gaggle of monsters.

He could have been something, but instead, he was just a loser. It’s even more disappointing because he served as the main villain in that season’s Sentai counterpart, Kakuranger, meaning they had plenty of footage to use of him, but never did. Master Vile is easily, compared to all of the other Power Rangers villains, the one with the most wasted potential. NEXT!

Power Rangers Villains 22

22) Galvanax (Ninja Steel)

I literally cannot remember one thing about Galvanax. He’s in charge of an interplanetary game show, which is a really neat idea for an antagonist, but he’s just a big, growly jerk with little else to him, making him the second of our trio of surly villains with no personality. His design is alright, but none of us could muster any feelings towards him one way or the other. He feels underdeveloped since he was only around for twenty episodes and doesn’t really do anything besides attack the Rangers.

The only reason he’s as high as he is is that none of us actively hated him. There was potential for his character to have worked. If they made him more of a bold showman like his wrestling game show implies, maybe something out of WWE or AEW, he could have at least been entertaining. He is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most inconsequential main villain in all of Power Rangers. He did drink melted steel though, so badass points for that.

Power Rangers Villains 22

21) Master Xandred (Samurai)

It’s king grump himself! Xandred is known for two things and two things only: drinking and complaining. He’s such a pathetic villain for most of the season that I struggled to remember several times that this was the big bad the Samurai Rangers had to beat. Most of his lieutenants were far more effective than Xandred ever was, making him a second-string bad guy for most of the season.

The only reason he’s up so high is that his design is fittingly demonic and he’s actually extremely powerful. The guy beats the Rangers effortlessly when he finally decides to get off his ass and it takes everything the team has to even damage him…to little avail. And that’s before he turns giant size, one of the few big bads to actually do that in a final episode. Kudos to him for at least pulling that off. 

Power Rangers Villains 20

20) Madame Odius (Super Ninja Steel)

Like Galvanax (and most of Ninja Steel if we’re being perfectly honest), it’s hard to really define Madame Odius. She’s around for both seasons, so she’s more fleshed out than Galvanax ever was, but she never manages to elevate herself above just subpar. She’s cruel and merciless, killing her own minions for failing her, and she was capable enough to initiate long-term plans since the very beginning of the season, but she still doesn’t do all that much to distinguish her from the crowd.

Most previous Power Rangers villains would do all of that and then some, so she only accomplishes the bare minimum of being effective. Fun fact about her though: while her American counterpart is female, the original Sentai character is actually male. Go figure!

Power Rangers Villains 19

19) The Armada (Megaforce/Super Megaforce)

In case you can’t tell with a lot of these low-tier Power Rangers villains, the general theme to them is that they’re completely forgettable. Even compared to the entries before, the Armada are probably the most forgettable villains in the history of the show that have the least amount of personality and overall impact of the events of the season. That’s a major problem that Megafroce/Super Megaforce has: how lackluster and unimpactful everything feels. There is, at least, some merit to the Armada in the form of Vrak, one of the princes of the Armada.

Serving as the only antagonist to carry through both seasons of the show, he displays ingenuity and has a neat design, yet loses to the Rangers, only to be reborn as a machine and initiate a plan for revenge against the team that somewhat succeeds. He also’s responsible for summoning the rest of the Armada to Earth, so at least he did things periodically throughout the show as opposed to Xandred or Galvanax.

Power Rangers Villains 18

18) Sledge (Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge)

Sledge gets a bad rap. While he’s another standard growly, short-tempered, and quick to anger villain, the man honestly has a lot on his side. He’s not a universe conquering despot, but instead a bounty hunter that hunts criminals for fun and for money. He loves his girlfriend/wife Poisandra and is a relatively more comedic villain compared to the rest of his peers. Sledge may not have the best plans, though he does help facilitate one of the better villain plans in the show’s history.

Sadly, he’s let down by probably one of the worst designs in the franchise. He’s just a big green guy with a lot of armor on him. Moltor looks better than him. Fucking Elgar is more visually distinct than Sledge is. Major gripes aside, he’s pretty okay. 

Power Rangers Villains 17

17) The Master (Mystic Force)

If you ever wanted a pure Lovecraftian horror as a Power Rangers villain, look no further than The Master. A nigh-omnipotent magical being, The Master is understandably the most terrifying villain in the entire franchise. He’s more imposing than Xandred, inspiring fear in everyone he comes across, and has absolutely zero levity in his appearances. When he shows up for the finale, everyone realizes just how screwed they are. He’s evil personified, but that’s really all he has going for him.

Outside of his excellent design, he’s a generic villain that barely had any major victories over the Rangers. He just kind of showed up, fought them, then was defeated by the power of magic. What really drops him was that it was the Mystic Force Rangers to beat him. While they aren’t the worst Rangers around, they’re certainly in the bottom tier, making his threat decrease ever so slightly. Also his name is Octomus. That decreases his threat significantly. 

Power Rangers Villains 16

16) Lothor (Ninja Storm)

Lothor was one of the harder villains to rank as he’s somewhat infamous amongst the fanbase for being too comedic. As a former ninja banished to space (just roll with it), he came back stronger than ever with an army of space ninjas. That’s goofy in a fun way, but Lothor -and to a lesser extent his crew- was too comedic to the point of annoyance. He never came across as intimidating, and instead as just poor comic relief in a season that had way too much of it.

Still, when push comes to shove, the guy is feared in-universe for a reason. He’s a self-admitting murderer and when forced to fight, he’s one tough customer. He does lose a lot of that menace when he’s eventually defeated by a later villain, so for all of his good and bad, he fits in perfectly in the middle of the list. 

Power Rangers Villains 15

15) The Machine Empire (Zeo)

As the first new threat to come after the Mighty Morphin era, the Machine Empire was a welcomed change that showed the stakes had increased and these guys were a step above the previous villains Rita and Zedd. They had battalions, legions of foot soldiers, and factions that would survive far past their initial defeat at the end of Zeo thanks to “Forever Red.” Their onslaught of mechanical forces was well appreciated after the more magical themed foes the Rangers fought previously and were some of the first villains to actively fight the Rangers in person consistently.

They rank so low, though, because they really lack a lot of distinct characterization when compared to other villains. Unlike the Demons, I actually remember their quirks and the family dynamic of the Royal House of Gadgetry due to actually having one, but I just feel that groups of villains usually have far less development than one single antagonist in Power Rangers. The Machine Empire was pretty alright, but nothing more. 

Power Rangers Villains 14

14) Trakeena (Lost Galaxy)

Trakeena is a clear attempt to make the magic of In Space’s villain Astronema strike twice. In a season where most of the villains were insects, Trakeena still kept a humanoid appearance and grew into her evil over the course of the season. At first, she was a vain, spoiled brat with something to prove. Then she slowly began to train to better herself, inherited her father’s empire, then ended up being corrupted by one of her advisors and turned into a heartless monster. It’s tragic in a sense that she was taught to fight with honor, yet abandons all of that in an effort to kill the Rangers and everyone on the space colony Terra Venture.

Personally, I love her, but like Lost Galaxy itself, the show didn’t really know what to do with her and only utilized her in a few key episodes. A lot of her best moments came towards the very end of the show, but there are plenty of episodes where she’s just kind of there, playing second fiddle to larger forces. Also, her appearance in Lightspeed Rescue was enough to knock her down a few pegs if we’re being really honest with ourselves. 

Power Rangers Villains 13

13) Divatox (Turbo)

I hate Divatox. All that Divatox does is whine, complain, and uses comedy to become more annoying than effective. Everything about her just gets on my nerves and she’s a major step down from the Machine Empire in terms of likability. So why is she ranked so high? Because I cannot, under any circumstances, ignore everything that she’s done as a villain. She beat the Power Rangers. With her army, she destroyed all of their Megazords, trashed their command center to the point where the Rangers had to abandon it, and utterly destroyed them in a way that no villain before or since had ever done.

Damn her stupid mask that covers half of her face. Damn her incessant moaning and groaning. Damn every single second she’s on-screen. But Goddammit, she actually accomplished more than most Power Rangers villains ever did. Those below her should be ashamed. 

Power Rangers Villains 12

12) Emperor Gruumm (SPD)

Like many bottom tier Power Rangers villains, Gruumm is mostly defined by his angry personality and general surliness. What propels him to the upper echelon of the list is that the guy clearly is not alright in the head, usually holding frequent schizophrenic conversations with himself over his failures and future plans. Gruumm is disturbing, to say the least, but his feud with the leader of SPD, Doggie Kruger, adds some layers to what would be an okay villain at best.

The series is less focused on the Rangers fighting against evil and more about them overcoming their own inadequacies. Because of that, there’s a void of motivation that needed to be filled in the main plot, one that was filled by the hatred between Kruger and Gruumm. Gruumm destroyed Kruger’s home planet and frequently destroys planets just for funsies, while also making Kruger believe that his wife was dead. That’s pretty messed up, but Gruumm actually felt like an Emporer as opposed to just having the title like other villains. His motorcycle is pretty sick too. 

Power Rangers Villains 11

11) Jarrod/Dai Shi (Jungle Fury)

While Dai Shi may be the ultimate villain of Jungle Fury –an unsympathetic demon that will manipulate anyone and everyone to get what he wants-, it’s his host body that really makes him stand out. Jarrod was a bully in a kung-fu academy and gained dark and terrible powers after accidentally releasing and fusing with Dai Shi. Because of this, Jarrod was probably one of the more human antagonists the series has seen. It offered up an interesting question the season toyed with: Is Dai Shi manipulating Jarrod to commit evil acts against his will, or has Jarrod always been bad and Dai Shi just expedited his power?

It’s a unique idea that actually has some legs to it, helped because Jarrod feels like an actual character by the end of the show as opposed to just another villain devoid of personality. He learns to develop respect and even love for his lieutenant Camille. Ultimately, his goal, whether as Jarrod or Dai Shi, is to completely destroy the Rangers. He wasn’t the most successful in that regard (which villain ever is?) but a good character arc can go a long way in Power Rangers. 

Power Rangers Villains 10

10) Heckyl/Snide (Super Dino Charge)

Heckyl and Snide are two villains that share a host, similar to Jarrod and Dai Shi, but unlike them, these two have completely different plans on how to attack the Rangers. While Snide is very powerful and usually goes for head-on attacks, Heckyl is far more calculated and prone to subterfuge. Heckyl is also just a complete delight as a villain since not only are his plans usually the more successful of the two, but he hams it up at every opportunity.

Truthfully, Heckyl is the reason this duo cracked the Top 10. Whenever Heckyl pops up on the screen, expect a delicious and gleeful performance, like him having a joyous montage and dancing around as the Earth is about to EXPLODE. But outside of that, he’s also brutal and almost always gets what he wants through intimidation and fear tactics. Whether it’s threatening to release every criminal on Sledge’s ship or killing anyone that tries to escape once he takes over, Heckyl is an excellent villain that could have placed higher if it wasn’t for his counterpart Snide’s lack of any discernible development outside of being a complete psychopath. Not that that’s bad or anything, but not enough to be placed any higher. 

Power Rangers Villains 9

9) Frax (Time Force)

Frax is probably one of, if not, the most sympathetic Power Rangers villains in the franchise up until this point. Originally a human from the year 3001, Dr. Fericks (as he was then known) helps the dying mutant Ransik after an attack not because he was evil, but because he genuinely wanted to help Ransik. In response, Ransik nearly killed him and destroyed his lab because Ransik is kind of an asshole. Despite that, Dr. Fericks was able to turn himself into a robot in order to stay alive and play a long game of revenge against Ransik.

Frax was taught to hate humans and mutants because of this and takes glee at the prospect of making Ransik and everyone else suffer. He willingly releases incredibly dangerous mutants and robots into civilian areas and finally gets his revenge on Ransik while chastising Ransik’s daughter for attempting to better herself. This is all while Frax is set to be lobotomized by his creations that Ransik stole. Frax eventually does reform, if only for a few brief moments before said lobotomy, but he ranks up fairly high due to his complicated history with the main villain of the season and his unrepentant actions all in the name of vengeance.

Power Rangers Villains 8

8) Master Org/Viktor Adler (Wild Force)

Wild Force may be one of the more lighthearted seasons of Power Rangers, but Master Org and Viktor Adler are regarded as some of the evilest Power Rangers villains in the franchise’s history. Rightly so, in my opinion. Unlike most other dual personality villains like Heckyl/Snide and Jarrod/Dai Shi, Viktor Adler was evil even before becoming the powerful sorcerer Master Org. He murdered his lifelong friends and colleagues and even attempted infanticide, all of which was done on-screen.

He’s also notably powerful, even while still in human form. His power eventually multiplied once the Master Org personality fully took over and used Adler’s corpse as a shell until he gained a stronger body, killing some of his minions in the process to fuel his power. He’s also responsible for destroying the most Zords out of any Power Rangers villain and led to one of its most epic finales, making him an overall excellent villain. 

Power Rangers Villains 7

7) Venjix (RPM)

While we’re on the pure evil train, let’s talk about Venjix! Created by Doctor K as a means to help escape captivity in a government facility, Venjix gains sentience and essentially becomes Skynet with the goal of wiping out all of humanity. And…he does! Nearly all of humanity is destroyed by Venjix and he even modifies a majority of the remaining humans to become cyborg sleeper agents, waiting to kill the remaining humans from within the last city on Earth, Corinth. Venjix is cold and unsympathetic, represented by a giant monolith that frequently swaps bodies. Kill him once, he’ll just download himself into another body, ready to fight the Rangers.

Even when they beat him at the end of the season, he’s still alive and is contained within one of the Rangers’ morphers, giving him the opportunity of coming back in a future season (but what are the odds of that happening?). Venjix easily has the highest body count of any villain in the franchise thanks to, you know, the whole genocide thing, but what keeps him from being any higher is that he is just a Skynet ripoff. Nothing wrong with that, but taking one of the most terrifying sci-fi villains of all time and giving them a children’s makeover doesn’t exactly make him unique. One of the more unique Power Rangers villains, certainly, but not great in the grand scheme of things.  

Power Rangers Villains 6

6) Rita Repulsa (MMPR S1)

Ahhh, the OG queen of mean. Rita Repulsa was the constant thorn in the Rangers side for most of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that just couldn’t be beaten. Utilizing magic, Rita would cook up plenty of plans to try and defeat the Rangers, turn them against each other, and use her minions to get the job done. While most of her plans were major failures, she was responsible for nearly beating the Rangers with the power of the Green Ranger (inadvertently giving us the best episodes of Power Rangers in the process). Alongside her future husband, Lord Zedd, the two of them were able to destroy the command center for like five minutes, depower the Rangers in a few instances, and she still technically exit the series having never been defeated by the Rangers in person.

She only was beaten at the end of In Space. Even then, saying that she was defeated is a bit of a misnomer as she was filled with positive energy as a result of the Z-Wave, which purified the universe of evil. An icon in every sense of the word, it’s no surprise that she’s still beloved by fans to this day as one of the most legendary Power Rangers villains. 

Power Rangers Villains 5

5) Mesogog/Anton Mercer (Dino Thunder)

Imposing is the best way to describe Mesogog. While other Power Rangers villains are quick to lash out and yell, Mesogog will instead stare into your soul and make you piss yourself before he even lets out one word. He’s just a scary dinosaur monster and his plan to revert humanity back to dinosaurs is unlike most other villains who simply seek conquest. No seriously, that face is nightmare-inducing. Despite his appearance, he’s exceedingly polite and sophisticated, concocting plans that are usually well thought out and displaying incredible strength and telepathic abilities.

How strong is he? The guy was able to decimate Lothor without breaking a sweat. Any villain who can easily mop the floor with Lothor deserves extra points for that alone. His alternate personality, Anton Mercer, is aware of Mesogog’s villainy and tries to do better, being probably the best Jekyll and Hyde representation in the show. Eventually, Mesogog splits from Anton and comes into his own as a mindless, replicating dinosaur that nearly overwhelms the Rangers. Mesogog is different enough from prior villains to stand out in nearly every single way, elevating his standings in the rankings by far, although his inevitable defeat feels a bit lacking compared against other foes.

Power Rangers Villains 4

4) Ransik (Time Force)

Played wonderfully by the great Vernon Wells, Ransik meant business from episode one. How are we introduced to him? He kills the Time Force Red Ranger. That’s how you introduce a villain! Ransik is a dynamic villain, not only deeply entrenched in bigotry against humans that stems from the lack of help they gave him, but for trying to be a good father to his daughter, Nadira. Granted, he’ll still fight the Rangers at any chance, but he has a clear sense of morality to him, unlike other major big bads. He refuses to unleash one mutant in particular for being too deadly and violent plus when his daughter’s life is in danger in the finale, he surrenders himself to protect her.

That’s all well and good, but he’s still a monster that gleefully attempted to murder Frax, eventually lobotomizing him, and tried to destroy the Time Force Power Rangers by wiping them from existence. Oh, and his ability to rip bones from his body and use them as swords is absolutely metal. But while he’s a great Power Rangers villain from top to bottom, he’s no match for the Top 3. 

Power Rangers Villains 3

3) Lord Zedd (MMPR S2)

That muscular frame with no skin. A pure steel exoskeleton. A glowing red visor that made him immediately distinct and threatening. When Lord Zedd became the new villain that the Rangers had to face, everyone took notice. Not just kids, but their parents too. Parents called Fox Kids and Saban Entertainment to complain just how terrifying Zedd was, which is always a good sign that you’re a great villain. While most of his plans were ineffective, much like Rita, and he became far more comedic to appeal to parents after said complaining, whenever he needed to be imposing, my God he delivered.

Having a one-on-one fight with the White Ranger where he effortlessly trounced him, invading the Command Center with ease, and piloting his unstoppable Zord Serpentera that the Rangers were never able to defeat (until “Forever Red” happened, but let’s not talk about that), all made him an excellent antagonist with many feats to his name. A lot of his biggest victories are shared with Rita once they got married, and Zedd himself was just delightful to be around. Beating the Rangers numerous times, sporting a great appearance, and becoming the most beloved villain in the franchise are just a few of the reasons why Zedd can so easily claim the number three spot. 

Power Rangers Villains 2

2) Astronema (In Space)

You know you’re a good Power Rangers villain when the creators keep trying to make your magic strike twice. Astronema is unique in that she’s both a serious villain as well as a more comedic threat for our Rangers…for a time. In the first half of the season, while still not as lighthearted as Lothor or Sledge, she wasn’t afraid to have a few silly moments and goofy lines.

That’s not why everyone remembers her, though. Her staying power comes down to the time her personality gets overwritten by the head of the United Alliance of Evil, Dark Specter. After she discovers that her long-lost brother is the Red Ranger, she’s brainwashed into being cold, calculated, and power-hungry, ignoring his plights to turn to good and instead commits to a life of evil and villainy as the empress of evil.

Without remorse, she slowly drains the power from Dark Specter (which leads to his death), supplants him as the head of the UAE, leads an invasion across the universe -which includes Rita, Zedd, the Machine Empire, and Divatox-, invades Earth, and nearly executes Zordon. You’d be hard-pressed to find a villain who accomplished more and did so without remorse outside of Venjix, and Astronema is human!

The corrupted personality gimmick would eventually be reused in RPM and Lost Galaxy’s Trakeena is clearly an attempt to replicate the success of Astronema, but both are lacking compared to her. She was responsible for several of the biggest threats the Rangers ever faced and pushed their backs to the wall like no other villain. As far as ultimate Power Rangers villains go, she can’t be beat. Well, except for the monsters she created…

Power Rangers Villains 1

1) The Psycho Rangers (In Space)

It was neck and neck between Astronema and The Psycho Rangers for top Power Rangers villain and a part of me feels like the Psychos are a cheap answer. They weren’t an overarching season villain. They don’t have a lot of character to them when compared to previous villains, fitting more in line with the bottom half of the list than the top half. They’re not even around for all that long when you break it down, being in only 9 episodes between two seasons. Despite all of that, the Psycho Rangers were able to narrowly beat out Astronema for how they utilized their onscreen time to perfection. 

They’re evil Power Rangers. That’s really all there is to them. Unlike nearly every other application of the concept in future and previous seasons, the Psychos were deadly powerful and won every encounter they had with the Rangers when fighting as a team. Whenever a Psycho lost, it took all of the Rangers to defeat just one and required intense strategizing to do so. They were corrupted monsters with one goal: kill the Rangers. Not simply to defeat, but KILL.The only reason they didn’t was because Astronema tied their power into Dark Specter’s power. She wanted him drained continuously to fuel her machinations.

The Psychos were unstoppable and despite being eventually defeated, their ghosts were able to still attack the Rangers. Even when they were imprisoned in data cards, they had the power to break out and attack another generation of Rangers, requiring two teams to beat them. EVEN STILL, a Ranger died in that fight! These were the first villains to kill a Ranger, and that alone is a feat that only Ransik could match. For as complicated as other villains might be, sometimes the simplest villains are the best.

Plain and simple, The Psycho Rangers are the most effective and best Power Rangers villains that the Rangers ever faced. 

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