Ray Fisher’s Cyborg will no longer appear in The Flash


As the story of Ray Fisher’s troubled time on the set of Justice League continues to unfold, it appears now that the actor will not be appearing in his role as Cyborg for the upcoming Flash solo film, in which Fisher’s character was set to make a cameo appearance. The script for The Flash is apparently being reworked to remove Cyborg’s appearance entirely, as the role will not be recast.

The alteration comes days after Fisher denounced DC Films president Walter Hamada for his alleged mishandling of Fisher’s Justice League set mistreatment. Days after Fisher publicly vowed to never work with him again, Hamada signed an extension for his executive role at DC Films, where he will now remain until 2023, at least.

The extension of Hamada’s role at DC Films comes as something of an insult given the severe (and yet-to-be-disproven) claims of abuse on the set of Justice League, under director Joss Whedon’s time on the project. Whedon took over the completion of Justice League following Zack Snyder’s exit for personal reasons. Fisher later alleged that investigations into his claims were being deliberately subdued by Hamada and other Warner Bros. executives.

Fisher’s spiral out of the role of the iconic DC hero is a terrible misfortune for the actor and fans; that on-set misconduct has allegedly blown up to a corporate case of name-calling and, apparently, willful negligence certainly would seem to put Fisher in the right here.

As for The Flash, Warner Bros. has set a November 22, 2022 date for the film, which will star Ezra Miller under the direction of Andy Muschietti. Given that Fisher’s Cyborg was merely set to appear as a cameo, it’s unlikely that the script revisions will impact production significantly, though given the troubled state of Hollywood under pandemic conditions there’s certainly reason for doubt when it comes to when The Flash truly goes off to the races.

For more on Ray Fisher’s case and the state of DC’s films, stay tuned.

Source: The Wrap, Variety