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The god of mischief is back and better than ever in Loki, which has finally hit the Disney+ streaming platform. It seems to be the most anticipated show for Marvel fans after having watched both Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision. It was definitely worth the wait Loki fans and boy are you in for a wild crazy ride.

From the TVA and time-traveling shenanigans mixed with a lot of clever humor to a proper runtime between episodes at almost an hour each (not including credits, looking at you WandaVision), Loki has something that every viewer will enjoy. This post of course will contain plot spoilers for the premiere episode: you have been warned.

Loki Processing TVA

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Right from the get-go, we pick up where Avengers Endgame left off. The Loki we follow in the series escapes with the tesseract from the failed NYC Time Heist and we see where that led him. Somehow, he ends up in the Gobi Desert and a hilarious interaction occurs between him and some locals who he encounters. The TVA cops, who are known as “Minutemen,” enter and take Loki into custody in a pretty funny way.

The entire time, Loki is insisting that The Avengers are the real criminals, revealing he knew there were two Tony Starks when he was caught. The catch? He could smell Tony Stark’s horrible cologne. At this point, he assumed they traveled back in time to stop him, if only.

If you’ve been wondering just who Miss Minutes is, the first episode makes it pretty clear. She’s Loki’s (and the viewer’s) guide to the TVA voiced by the amazing Tara Strong. We get a pretty funny animated intro into how the TVA was created, how it works, and what a “variant” is. Loki isn’t amused by any of this as he is forced to take a ticket and wait his turn to see a “judge.” He then watches as another “prisoner” is literally erased from history right before him for refusing to show a ticket.

TVA Judge Episode 1 Loki

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A lot of the scenes teased in the trailers take place in the premiere episode but a few don’t, hinting at what’s to come. It’s already started as one of the most hilarious Disney+ series so far and bringing in Owen Wilson as Agent Mobius just adds to the fun. Mobius actually saves Loki from his fate to help him with his own mission.

Also, for all you Mephisto theorists out there, he’s literally shown on a stained glass window in a church Mobius is investigating. Although not named, the TVA knows of a “devil” and reveals they aren’t afraid of him. Could this finally be Mephisto? Mobius and his men are searching for a variant messing around with the timeline and attacking his Minutemen, one of which was even kidnapped, so there is a possibility Mephisto might be the culprit.

After Loki and Mobius have a heart-to-heart, he gets shown his future had he not stolen the Tesseract. The most heartbreaking scene so far is Loki being emotionally impacted by the death of his mother in Thor: The Dark World. This Loki had no idea he sent the Dark Elfs after her instead of Thor. It leads to a lot of soul-searching this early on in the series.

Loki with Movius in the TVA

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Mobius then leaves Loki with the magical projector, letting him see more of his fate. After some time passes, he decides to book it from the TVA. As we explore more of the TVA, we can see it as the bureaucratic nightmare it really I, but not before Loki manages to spot all of the Infinity Stones tucked away in a junk drawer.

The mindless pencil-pushing worker informs him they get so many of these that they use them as “paperweights.” That one line pretty much sums up the entire TVA for me. They have access to god-like objects and use them for menial reasons, not really worried about someone trying to erase half of all life. This worker drone doesn’t even know what a fish is!

Eventually, this Loki has an epiphany and decides to cave in and work with Mobius and the TVA, after learning the variant they are hunting is him. With such a strong start, hopefully, the momentum continues throughout the series’s entire run.

Loki is now streaming on Disney+

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