Recap: Moon Knight Episode Two – “Summon The Suit”


Following up on last week’s exciting ending, Steven Grant (aka Moon Knight) has to deal with the repercussions of his actions while also trying to figure out precisely what happened. The way the camera pans, we think we are in Egypt, but we are really back in Steven’s bedroom. He awakes to the screams of the Jackal monster and realizes he’s chained to his bed.

Upon arriving at work, he sees a museum section closed off and a repairman heading to the bathrooms. He greets the security guard and asks to see the security footage saying he may have information. Re-watching the footage and seeing no Jackal, only himself, Steven is perplexed and in a lot of trouble. The museum fires him and offers to set up an appointment for treatment at a mental health facility.

Steven finally decides to track down the storage locker with the key he found stashed in his apartment. After visiting a few different locations, he stumbles into a security guard on duty. The guard recognizes him and takes him to his locker. Steven happens upon a bag full of various foreign currencies, the scarab, and a USA passport.


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He begins speaking to his reflection, who introduces himself as “Marc Spector,” Steven’s original identity. Marc is a mercenary and the Avatar for the Egyptian Moon God Khonshu.

Escaping from the storage facility with the duffle bag, he runs into Layla, who still calls Steven “Marc,” and reveals she is his wife who has been quite worried about him. Steven ends up arrested and detained by police who work for Arthur Harrow. Harrow tells Steven he was Khonshu’s previous Avatar but now has chosen to follow Ammit instead. The reasoning is that Khonshu’s justice comes too late while Ammit acts before any evil deeds are done.

He reveals the scarab acts as a compass leading to Ammit’s remains and wants to resurrect her so they can purge humanity of all evil. Steven questions this and realizes that Ammit would even kill children. Harrow again asks for the scarab, and Steven says he doesn’t have it, so Harrow asks to speak to Marc and tells him that Khonshu is a liar.


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Layla arrives at Harrow’s temple and reveals she has the scarab and the two escape. Harrow summons another Jackal to pursue them, with Layla imploring that Steven “summon the suit.” He has no idea what she’s talking about and can’t, at first. Finally, he taps into Khonshu’s power but turns into the Mr. Knight persona, wearing a full spiffy-looking suit. Marc, in the reflection, comments that they look like “Psycho Colonel Sanders.”

Steven is overpowered, and Marc again asks for help and becomes the actual version of Moon Knight, killing the Jackal and regaining his body. Unfortunately, in the battle, he loses the scarab to Harrow. Khonshu confronts Marc and admonishes him for not keeping control over Steven and threatens Marc. He says should they part, his next candidate for an Avatar will be Layla. Marc relents and is sent to Egypt to get to the tomb before Harrow.


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Moon Knight so far has been jam-packed with Egyptian history, lore and mystery. Answers will hopefully be revealed sooner rather than later.

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