Relive Jesse Pinkman’s trauma in preparation for his next trauma

"ENCHANTED" By Chloe X Halle | El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie | Netflix

The start of 2008 brought together a money-crunched high school teacher and his former student turned drug dealer to weave one of the greatest stories in television. The oddest of couples spent the ensuing five seasons on peaks of a cash printing enterprise and valleys of arguments, guns, gangsters, cops, and popped veins of distress. By the end of it all one man broke free, and because of that, fans are getting a new installment.  

El camino is Spanish for “the way,” and doubles as the escape vehicle used by the surviving member of the White/Pinkman partnership. When the show faded to black for the final time, no one knew which way Jesse was going, but we all knew where he’d been. Years spent with drugs and death and none of the happiness all the money could buy, he didn’t know the way any more than anyone else. 

To promote the upcoming film, Netflix released the above video that recaps five seasons of Pinkman’s pain into three wrenching minutes with a beautiful cover of “Enchanted.” It’s one thing to see how he’s treated in a watch of the series, but to see it all in short succession provides another level of intesnity to Pinkman’s vagaries throughout the show’s run. We cheered his escape, but how high should our hopes be for his future?

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie comes to Netflix on October 11th. 

Nick Hershey