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If you thought Rom-Coms were a thing of the past, think again. Jennifer Lopez is back in another one alongside Owen Wilson and this time, it truly reflects today’s modern social media-obsessed world. Marry Me is JLO’s latest vehicle that has a killer soundtrack with all new hits from the queen herself and Latin star Maluma. For those looking for something a little different this Valentine’s Day, this is your film.

Marry Me - Official Trailer [HD]

Marry Me
Director: Kat Coiro

Release Date: February 11, 2022 (Theatrical and Exclusive to Peacock)
Rating: PG

Jennifer Lopez stars as fictional pop superstar Kat Valdez who ends up marrying an ordinary math teacher named Charlie Gilbert, played by Owen Wilson, on a whim during a concert. This occurs after finding out the guy she was supposed to marry, Bastian (another pop star played by Maluma), had cheated on her with Kat’s assistant.

Nothing like finding out seconds before you say “I Do” that your beau is unfaithful. Kat and Charlie get married in front of millions online and thousands in-person and what ensues after is a hilarious commentary on celebrity status and social media obsession. Charlie ends up at her concert by sheer coincidence because his coworker, played by Sarah Silverman, invites him and his daughter. Holding the “Marry Me” sign (also the title of her newest hit single) Kat spots him in the crowd and says “Yes.”

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After the two get married in front of the world, Charlie finds himself having to navigate Kat’s very public, overly complicated social media life. He feels like a fish out of water and agreed to the marriage because she seemed to need help at the time. He also didn’t want to see her embarrassed, even though he never knew Kat until he was dragged to her concert. Kat decides to get to know Charlie to see if they can actually make it work.

Honestly, I had my doubts about this film but I was pleasantly surprised. JLO’s new soundtrack fits perfectly with the whole background of the film. I do like how they mock themselves within the film on how obsessed Kat is with social media, as well as one funny scene in particular. Charlie makes a bet with Kat to go one day without social media or rely on the help of any of her people to do basic things. Charlie, in turn, has to get Instagram and Facebook.


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Turns out she can’t get into her own house and has to break a window to gain entry, and can’t even make a smoothie properly. Charlie also struggles a little with social media but the hilarity was more on Kat’s side.

The two start to bond and Kat stops documenting every second of her life. She begins to rearrange her schedule and cancel events for Charlie. She surprises his class with a visit and bonds with his daughter. Slowly, the two really start to learn from each other before Charlie realizes he just doesn’t fit into Kat’s world.

From the killer soundtrack and a cheesy but relatable storyline, Marry Me has something for everyone. Owen Wilson is no stranger to these types of roles. Neither is JLO and it was really refreshing to see her back in a Rom-Com. For those who may have forgotten, she used to prominently feature in films such as The Wedding Planner and Maid in Manhattan.  This newest film, however, adapts itself to today’s Instagram-obsessed society without taking itself too seriously. Sarah Silverman was also hilarious to watch, as usual, with her witty one-liners.

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Hopefully, we see more of these types of films, and of course, you really can’t go wrong with a brand new album from JLO on top. So for those looking for a different take on a film released just in time for Valentine’s Day, take a break from your own Instagram and head to your nearest theater. One neat thing the editing team did in the credits is include clips from real people sharing how they met and fell in love alongside the actors updating us on where their characters ended up.

If the story and songs don’t pique your interest, at least you will leave laughing and appreciating life a little bit more.




A throwback to cheesy Rom-coms of old with a killer soundtrack and social media, JLO still has it.

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