RL Stine’s Fear Street books to get three Netflix movies this July


In a summer event sure to catch the eye of horror fans (or casually curious Netflix-browsers), the Fear Street trilogy of books by Goosebumps creator RL Stine will be getting three feature adaptations, released weekly to Netflix, this July.

Predating the smash hit Goosebumps books by three years, the first Fear Street story released in 1989, telling strange and spooky stories amidst the little town of Shadyside. The film trilogy, directed by Leigh Janiak, takes place across multiple centuries, chronicling the curses upon Shadyside dating back to 1666, with the other two films covering the 1970s and ’90s. Judging by the teaser, Fear Street will cover all manner of glorious horror camp and genre trappings across its different timeframes, making for a fun time for all. I mean, fun for everyone not being murdered or cursed by witches.

Netflix is releasing the first film, set in 1994, on July 2nd, after which you’re liable to think “Well gee! That was spooky! I want more!” Well buckle up then, because a week later on July 9th Fear Street Part 2: 1978 releases. And then, you guessed it, July 16th brings Fear Street Part 3: 1666, capping off a three-week event not unlike a miniseries. I suppose that’s the closest thing to compare it to; a feature-sized horror miniseries. Neat!

In a year where going out to the movies is a little more complicated than it ever was before, Netflix’s move to spice up the release of Fear Street across the three weeks is a welcome bit of theatricality. Whether the films themselves are worthwhile, the jury’s out. But with not long to wait now, we’ll just have to see in July whether this street is one worth walking.