Rob Lowe will reportedly star in a Ryan Murphy produced take on Tiger King



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Rob Exotic. UPDATE: Ryan Murphy and I will be developing our version of this insane story. Stay tuned!

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Much like the unbelievable true story of Tiger King, everything associated with the hit Netflix series is different shades of crazy. According to a post from actor Rob Lowe, he and director/producer Ryan Murphy (famous for Glee and American Horror Story) are set to produce a scripted take on the life of Joe Exotic. According to Deadline, this isn’t even the first scripted version of the ridiculous tale.

I can only assume Hollywood is jumping on Tiger King because of its massive popularity, but will the timing be right? People are hungry for more of that story right now and I can’t see that hunger lasting beyond the coronavirus self-isolation period. The actual documentary featured on Netflix is okay. What makes it so watchable is how truly insane the details are. With less time to devote to such a ridiculous story, will people even care?

Regardless, Rob Lowe will soon become Rob Exotic. Yippee?

Rob Lowe & Ryan Murphy Mulling Joe Exotic Scripted Project To Star Lowe [Deadline]

Rob Lowe [Instagram]

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