Robert Pattinson and John David Washington in the lead to star in next Nolan film


We knew that Christopher Nolan is making another film and that it is set to be released July 17, 2020, and that was pretty much it until two reports today from Variety and Collider landed. Know we know who may star in the film as the two leads: Robert Pattinson and John David Washington. While Washington seems to be a lock, it isn’t clear if Pattinson has agreed to star in the film yet, though anyone who turns down a role in a Nolan movie would be an idiot. The two leads are said to star against an “age-appropriate” female lead and an older lead as well.

If you only know Pattinson as the pale vampire guy from Twilight you might be surprised by this choice. However, the actor as been knock out indy fare almost exclusively since the Twilight films concluded, building a steady reputation for strong performances as he picked mostly art house films to star in. Washington, meanwhile, has been on the rise since he made it big in Ballers and then starred in BlacKkKlansmen. These are two guys whose careers are pointing perfectly to this casting.

Nolan always keeps things incredibly secrete when working so all of this (outside of Washinton’s casting) could be a bluff or misdirection. Even Variety’s description of the film as a “massive, innovative, action blockbuster, which will again be shown in IMAX” could be a total lie. I mean, it’s in line with Nolan, but maybe that’s exactly what he wants us to think. Instead, he’s going to deliver a thoughtful, somber movie that takes place in one location and is being screened solely on Netflix. 

Riiiiiiiight. It’ll be huge, and groundbreaking, and awesome, and thoroughly Nolan. And one day he’ll direct a Bond film, please. 

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