Robert Rodriguez’s Red 11 to stream exclusively (and free!) on Tubi


This is a bit of neat news for wallet-conscious film buffs. Robert Rodriguez’s low budget sci-fi horror Red 11 has found itself a streaming home–and that home is exclusively on Tubi.

For those unaware, Tubi is a free streaming platform, and I adore it. It has a ton of content, less ads than Hulu, and a framework and design that can match the likes of Netflix. I think it’s cool, and I also think grueling guerilla-style horror flicks are cool, so honestly this is a news story made for me.

Red 11 will stream alongside Robert Rodriguez Film School, a docuseries that explains Rodriguez’s style and how he overcomes budget and time constraints when making something with as little cash as Red 11.

“I’m thrilled to be partnering with Tubi to deliver Red 11 and its accompanying Film School docuseries free of charge and easily accessible to all audiences,” said Rodriguez. “I made both Red 11 and the Film School series to celebrate the 25th anniversary of El Mariachi, and this project shows truly actionable methods using my no crew, micro budget filmmaking style that will inspire others to make their own films and have their voices be heard. These are both dream projects of mine, an entertaining culmination of ideas and ruminations on the creative process that also highlight the heightened sense of spirituality that comes from dancing with creativity when there is an absence of the usual financial resources. In other words, ‘low budget fun.’” That’s a statement I can definitely get behind.

This seems like the perfect fit for a free streamer as Red 11 focuses on Rob who works at a medical research facility to try to pay off $7,000 in debt, and he becomes unsure if the medical staff are trying to kill him or if he’s just suffering the side-effects of an experimental drug. Willing to die to get out of debt in this economically insecure world? Same.

I’m not one for hyper-produced, big budget works, so I’m more than down to give this a watch when it hits Tubi this summer. I mean, for free what’s there to lose?

Robert Rodriguez Thriller ‘Red 11’ & ‘Film School’ Docu-Series To Stream On Tubi – Sundance [Deadline]

Kyle Yadlosky
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