Rudd and Mann reprising Knocked Up roles in This Is Forty


Something a decent amount of casual movie goers still don’t know about the film Knocked Up is that Leslie Mann is married to Judd Apatow, and that Paul Rudd and Leslie’s two children in the film are actually Apatow and Mann’s real life children, Iris and Maude. The line “I Googled murder” comes from something one of daughters said in real life and later got wrote into the script for her to repeat. Although, just because the two sisters are in a film doesn’t mean it’s a Knocked Up sequel, which is what occurred in Funny People.

However, THR reports that Rudd and Mann actually will reprise their Knocked Up roles in This Is Forty — just a working title — and the two Apatow daughters will be joining them as well. Add Albert Brooks (Taxi Driver, Weeds) and Melissa McCarthy (Gilmore Girls, Bridesmaids) to the list, and that makes up for the fact that Megan Fox will make an appearance. I normally don’t mind her, but my guess is that Rudd will have a subplot where he’s tempted to cheat on his wife with her. Is anyone else more than sick of that storyline yet?

Ryan Lee — the new face from Super 8 — will also have a role as a friend or foe of one of the daughters. Apatow will of course be writing and directing the film. As someone who loved Knocked Up, I’m optimistic even though I don’t see the need for this, but mainly it’s hard to believe it’ll be better than most episodes of Louie, which is a show you should all be watching!

[Via THR]