Rumors: Ben Affleck to direct The Batman, Chris Pine to play a Green Latern


Heavy rumor on this one as it comes from Latino Review who has a hit or miss history on these things, but they’re reporting that Ben Affleck will be directing The Batman. The film is the next Batman movie after Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the second in Affleck’s three movie contract as the character. Latino Review also claims that Agro collaborator Chris Terrio is being courted to write the screenplay.

It’s been heavily rumored that this was part of his deal from the start, or at least the option to write and direct was. It makes sense that Terrio is writing as he’s on board for both Justice League movies and worked on Batman v. Superman

Latino Review is also reporting that Chris Pine is being looked at to play Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern reboot, which may feature two or three Green Lanterns (Jordan, Guy Gardner and John Stewart). Again, all this is a bunch of conjecture so it may not pan out at all, but with DC seemingly finally getting its act together on screen we may know far sooner than Green Lantern‘s 2020 release date would imply. Maybe even this year’s SDCC?

Matthew Razak
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