Run moves to Hulu after fierce bidding war


Those who have been chomping at the bit to see how the team behind Searching would follow up their critical and cult hit will be happy to hear that the film has gone to streaming. Run, which was originally supposed to receive a theatrical release and stars Sarah Paulson, is now coming directly to Hulu after the streamer won an intense bidding war.

Lionsgate has been moving its films over to streaming platforms as the theatrical release has become less and less likely. They already announced that Antebellum would be hitting VOD and now Run has lost its theatrical window as well. That’s in the US, of course. Elsewhere in the world Run will get to be seen on the big screen as originally intended.

The film seems a bit less original than Searching, which underperformed when released but when on to find success thanks to word of mouth. Paulson plays on overprotective mother who keeps her child locked away from the world. However, when her daughter (newcomer Kiera Allen) discovers what her mother is doing she begins to plan an escape despite being stuck in a wheelchair. It looks like it could be a truly disturbing and tense thriller and with director Aneesh Chaganty at the helm that’s pretty likely.

There’s no release date yet but given that the film is done and was originally scheduled to land on Mother’s Day (May 10) there’s no reason that Hulu should be holding onto it very long. While they’ve obviously missed the window for an ironic Mother’s Day release there is, sadly, still plenty more pandemic time to release this ahead of us giving them a nice window to drop a major film on the platform.

Source: Collider

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