Schwarzenegger in talks for Toxic Avenger


The Toxic Avenger remake has been floating around for a while now with Steve Pink set to helm the film and Loyd Kauffman all about it as long as he gets paid. What we weren’t all about were rumors that John Travolta would be starring. That was just wrong. What was right? We didn’t know until just now when we found out that Arnold Schwarzenegger was in talks to star in the upcoming film.

It’s perfect because he isn’t going to be playing Toxie, but instead he’ll be Toxie’s trainer “The Exterminator.” Schwarzenegger will easily bring the kind of camp and awesome that this film needs in order to be done right. Who he will be joining him in the titular role is still up in the air, but as long as it isn’t Travolta I’ll be happy. We will probably hear something soon as the film is scheduled to start shooting this fall.

[via Collider]

Matthew Razak
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