SDCC: Green Lantern Corps announced


Warner Brothers and DC messed up big with Green Lantern, which is OK because it freed Ryan Reynolds up for Deadpool, but as we learned previously that doesn’t mean they’re giving up on the character. I reboot was planned and this reboot has taken the shape of Green Lantern Corp

What the hell does that mean? Well, we’ve heard plenty of rumors of multiple Green Lanterns being cast, including Chris Pine and Tyrese Gibson so we now know that at least the multiple Green Lantern part is right. Secondly, it sounds like this film, which will take place in the newly established DC film universe that Batman v. Superman is will be a bit universe expanding if it’s involving the entire corps. Maybe the Green Lantern films will play the role of Marvel’s Thor films, moving things off earth and connecting the bigger, overarching plotlines. 

It’s not clear when this newly rebooted reboot will be released. DC originally said that the next Green Lantern film would be landing in 2020, but if that’s so why announce it so early before all the others films that are supposed to come out in between. Maybe they’ve bumped this one up? Stay tuned, dear reader, for we will bring you the news when we know it. 

Matthew Razak
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