Season 11 of X-Files lands a trailer


I was all aboard for the reboot of X-Files when it landed, and then I watched it and remembered why the show had stopped. It’s not that it got bad, but it just didn’t have anywhere else to go, and it still didn’t. It had jumped the shark. That didn’t stop the mini-series return from doing well and so we’re going to get more, and judging from this trailer things are going to go even more overboard.

Were there big fans of the last season out there? I’d love to hear your take on it. Sure it ended with a cliffhanger, but otherwise I’ve got no emotional reaction to it. I remember some episodes from the original run like I watched them yesterday, but none of the new episodes stuck with me at all. In fact the only one that really comes back to me is one that wasn’t part of the overall plot at all and had to deal with some weird pantsless guy in the woods. 

Matthew Razak
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