Season 2 of Jessica Jones now has its first trailer


The first trailer for the second season of Jessica Jones sure looks like its jumping off from all the strong points of the first season. It’s dark, moody, full of Jessica being a bad ass, psychologically challenging, and plays up the fact that Netflix’s Marvel shows are far edgier than the films. 

This season looks to dive a bit deeper into Jessica’s past as she searches for answers to her family’s death, and discovers more about the research that was done on her. Looks like an interesting take on how to do an origin story while not doing one. It will be interesting to see how the season plays out without a big bad like Killgrave in it (though we may be getting some flashbacks). Their dichotomy was one of the reasons the show worked so well and tackled its themes so perfectly. Then again, who is that clapping at the end there? And when the heck are we going to see Hellcat? Clearly the trailer is telling us Trish will become her soon.

Jessica Jones Season 2 will be available on Netflix March 8.

Matthew Razak
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