See Annabelle Comes Home early and free


Will there very be an end to the Conjuring cinematic universe? Who knows? They keep pumping them out and people keep showing up to them. Plus, they’re made for so little that it’s nearly impossible for them to flop. Plus, plus, they’re mostly on the good side of horror movies, which always helps. Hopefully, Annabelle Comes Home is good as well. You can find out first by grabbing some passes. 

Just click the link below and you’re all set. It’s that easy. This one is going to popular, so make sure you show up early and grab a spot in line. Then creepy dolls can scare you for the next 90 minutes!


Wednesday, June 19 – 7:00 PM
AMC Mazza Gallerie
5300 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Washington, DC

Matthew Razak
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