Seth Rogen joins Spielberg’s autobiographical film


We knew Steven Spielberg was working on a semi-autobiographical film chronicling his childhood, with Michelle Williams set to star. Now new casting details have nailed Seth Rogen down for a part in the untitled film, with Rogen set to appear as Spielberg’s “favorite” uncle.

The untitled film is set to explore an imagining of Spielberg’s childhood, having grown up in Arizona in the ’60s as an outsider, his Jewish heritage keeping others at a distance during his school years, and fostering an eye for observation and, as it turns out, filmmaking. Details of the script, co-written by Spielberg and frequent collaborator Tony Kushner, are still under wraps, though the film is rumored to not be a direct retelling of Spielberg’s life. The story, more based on fact than a straight biopic, is said to feature a young “Spielberg stand-in” not even named Steven. This is all unconfirmed.

With Michelle Williams set to play a version of Spielberg’s mother and Rogen now joining the cast the project would seem to be taking off for the rumored July principal photography start, meaning we’d likely be seeing this sometime late next year.

Imagine how that feels, being cast by Steven Spielberg in a film about his life as his favorite uncle. Rogen most-recently appeared in An American Pickle last year, and has recently announced Houseplant, his new pottery/cannabis company. I wonder if Spielberg’s uncle was that sort of cool uncle. Time will tell as the project gains further traction, and details grow more concrete.

Source: Deadline