Skyfall video blog shows off how to dress


SKYFALL Costume Videoblog

Ever watch a Bond film and think about how you’d love to be able to dress as well as Bond? The above video blog on Skyfall‘s costuming shows just how truly impossible that actually is unless you have Tom Ford making bespoke suits for you and a professional costume designer making sure they fit your body perfectly. Oh, and you have the body of a demi-god. That’s an important tidbit too.

Aside from the impeccable suiting the video actually gives us a bit of action up here. We haven’t been privy too to much of that in these clips yet so its good to know that Bond will indeed be getting shot at, blown up and, most importantly, stand around awesomely in a tuxedo making ladies swoon.

In case you have no idea who Tom Ford is you can head to his site and check out his suits, which you’ll never be able to afford. 

Matthew Razak
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