Sonic Prime is a new 3D Sonic series coming to Netflix


Netflix is certainly going hard with video game adaptations. Just this morning, the streaming juggernaut announced that Sonic Prime would be hitting its servers sometime in 2022. A brand new 3D animated series based on Sega’s popular Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, the title alone makes me think this will be some kind of origin story that details the backstory of the blue blur.

So far, we don’t have many details to go on. Wild Brain Studio will be providing the animation while Man of Action Entertainment (which was behind Ben 10 and Generator Rex) will be handling writing. Some people are worried about that last bit but seem to have forgotten that Sonic is a children’s entertainment property.

One thing that’s interesting to note about Sonic Prime is a response from the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account. Known for its snarky attitude and hilarious memes, the account excitedly responded to this announcement with, “Ah, yeah. This is (finally) happenin’!” It seems that Prime has been in the works for quite some time, even if the general public knew nothing about it. It might also be hinting at some other Netflix productions in the works, but that is just mere speculation.

With a successful film under its belt and a new series in the pipeline, the Sonic brand hasn’t been this strong since the mid-90s.

Source: Twitter

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