Sonic the Hedgehog’s filmic redesign has potentially been spotted in the wild


It’s been almost half a year since Paramount Pictures announced a delay for its Sonic the Hedgehog film due to fan backlash. From the initial trailer, many were displeased with the look the iconic character received and pleaded with Hollywood executives to reconsider. Director Jeff Fowler heard the cries and managed to delay the film.

Now, we seemingly have an idea of what that redesign will look like.

After some leaks earlier this month, an intrepid fan on Twitter seems to have spotted a movie theater standee with Sonic’s new look. While the validity of this is unconfirmed, the redesign shows a lot of promise. For starters, at least it looks like Sonic. It’s also not oddly proportioned or awkwardly muscular.

I typically don’t report on speculation or rumor, but this standee looks to be legitimate. The photo isn’t super blurry or obviously photoshopped. There’s also a good chance that new promotional material would be available even if the rest of the film needs time to change shots. I don’t think the quality of the film will suddenly morph from its sub-par trailer, but at least the star won’t look like an abomination unto the lord.

A Sonic Movie Theater Standee Seems To Also Show The Redesigned Character [Siliconera]

Peter Glagowski
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