Sony Pictures is looking to adapt more PlayStation franchises to film and TV


Sony’s Uncharted film isn’t even out in theaters yet and the company is already going full hog on adapting more PlayStation franchises. In a new report from Mediapost, Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra told CNBC that the studio is currently developing three films and seven TV series’ around different game franchises (hopefully Bloodborne).

“We have no specific plan yet, but we have a program within the company called One Sony,” Vinciquerra said. “You’ll be seeing a lot more integration of Sony companies together.” This follows with both Uncharted and The Last of Us, which are being developed for the screen in collaboration with Sony and the developers behind each franchise.

These plans came about during a talk on whether or not Sony Pictures would be revising its plans for theatrical releases in 2021. According to Vinciquerra, Sony still firmly believes in the traditional release model and won’t be making a sudden pivot to streaming only. “We are not really changing course to any degree…I don’t think we’ll be in the day and date business,” he stated. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of certain adaptations going to streaming services, but it won’t be like Warner Bros. and its HBO Max deal.

As for whether or not this is a good plan, now is probably the best time to strike with anything video game-related. Netflix has been making headlines with its Capcom partnership and the curse of shoddy productions based on games seems to be behind us. Sony is likely going to strike gold here.

Source: Mediapost

Peter Glagowski
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