Space Jam 2 welcomes Terence Nance to the jam as director


Space Jam 2SpaceJam2. 

Just reading those words should give you chills. It’s happening. It’s Lebron James happening. It was Justin Lin happening, but now he’s out. Now it’s Terence Nance happening as reports come in that the up-and-coming director is in advanced talks to helm the movie.

Now you might say to yourself, “Self, how could any one person ever even begin to believe that they can direct the cinematic masterpiece that Space Jam 2 is sure to be?” And that’s a perfectly valid question. I mean, shouldn’t something as important as Space Jam 2 direct itself? The answer is simple. That’s just too much power for Space Jam 2 to have. It would probably destroy the Jamiverse, which is the cinematic universe of Space Jam. No, Space Jam 2 needs a mortal to ground its nearly unlimited power. 




‘Space Jam 2′: Terence Nance in Advanced Talks to Direct Lebron James (Exclusive) [The Wrap]

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