Spider-Man’s origin to be dragged out over multiple films


Part of the problem with doing a new Spider-Man origin film is that we just got one back in 2002. (Well, 2002 feels like it was only yesterday to me!) So unless you were too young to watch movies, you probably saw it and know how things go down, especially considering that the origin parts of the movie were pretty close to comic book canon. So how does Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man propose to tackle this issue? By spreading out Spider-Man’s origin over multiple installments.

Wait, huh?

Webb tells MTV that he wants to give the audience something new, so he’s featuring the backstory of Peter Parker’s parents, who secretly had ties with the organization S.H.I.E.L.D. in the comics. That subplot won’t wrap up by the end of the first film. There also won’t be a wrestling match like in the comics and first film. Uncle Ben is in the film, and he is still supposed to fulfill the same narrative role — giving Peter a sense of justice — but the way Webb is talking, it’s technically possible that this death won’t occur where we expect it to, or even in this film if he really wants to drag this out.

There are some things Webb won’t change, like Uncle Ben or the spider-bite, which is really all you need for Spider-Man’s origin story. But then he teases that it might not be a radioactive spider, or maybe it might be — who knows! Considering the original film had a genetically engineered spider and the even more controversial wrist web shooters, I think Webb is hyping up the controversy over relatively minor changes, hoping the fanbase will freak out about them. Besides, it’s one thing to leave room for the character to grow; it’s another thing to drag out the basic events that define him.

[Via SuperHeroHype]