Stranger Things soundtrack coming out next month on cassette


Continuing the trend of retro for the sake of retro, corporate hipster mecca Urban Outfitters has announced that they will be selling copies of Volume 1 of the soundtrack to the hit show Stranger Things on cassette tape to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the shows launch on Netflix. Starting on July 14th you can listen to the Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein composed soundtrack on your parents old Walkman like a real Patrick Bateman.

The tape will be clear red to match the color scheme of the title and will come packaged in a pre-worn down VHS like box. No price has been announced for the release but with other cassette releases going from 13 to 15 dollars expect a similar range. Urban Outfitters also conveniently sells cassette players at around 40 to 60 bucks so you’re even covered if you lack the means to play the new release.

Personally the whole trend of cassettes is even a little too much for this aging hipster. At least with vinyls we can claim pure sound output to push back the detractors. But cassettes? Cassettes were bad quality wise and were only viable because they were portable and the best technology that could be mass produced at the time.

Stranger Things season 2 is scheduled to be released in its entirety on October 31st this year.

Anthony Marzano
Anthony Marzano likes long talks in naturally-lit diners and science fiction movies about what it means to be human.