Teaser: Atlas Shrugged Part 2


Despite crushing financial and critical failings, John Aglialoro has managed to scrape together the money to continue his trilogy based on the Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged. We’ve been aware of this for about a year now, though the complete lack of news on the matter seemed like encouraging news that the film was dead, dead, dead. Unfortunately, much like objectivism itself, someone with too much money and too little sense keeps reviving this crap horse. 

This teaser shows no actual footage from the film, unfortunately. It’s mostly a parade of right wing icons and pundits talking about how amazing Ayn Rand is, and Rand herself on video talking in vague statements about the unfortunate state of the country. Seems to me like they’re doing a lot more to point this film like a missile at the Tea Party and neo-conservative groups that eat up Rand’s work like candy than the last one, which was sold on the name alone with a deeply boring trailer about trains.