Teaser poster for The Expendables 2 surfaces


When I first heard that Sly Stallone and company would be re-teaming for a follow up to The Expendables, I celebrated by flexing and shooting automatic weapons into the air while stringing together a random sequence of expletives. Now it seems the fine folks at FirstShowing have discovered this undeniably awesome teaser poster (which you can also see in the gallery below) for the sequel, which is scheduled to hit theaters August 17th, 2012. Really, if there was any way to improve the metal skull logo from the first film, it would have been adding a giant metal number two protruding from a hole in its forehead. I’d like to imagine Terry Crews made that hole with his badass magic shotgun.

I’m anxious to hear more about this flick, specifically the casting. We already know that Bruce Willis and Jean-Claude Van Damme are expected to appear, with Willis reprising his role from the first film. Rumors have pointed to everyone from Dwayne Johnson to Carl Weathers being approached for the sequel, which if true, could certainly mean that they’ll have quite a nice casting stew going.

Even if some of those guys don’t come on board, at least this story gave me an excuse to post Terry Crews’s Old Spice ads.


[via FirstShowing]