Tenet will only play in theaters that require masks


If you’re crazy enough to venture to the theaters to see Tenet in a few weeks, you’ll be doing so with a mask on your face. According to some new guidelines posted by Warner Bros., the company will only be showing Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi film at theaters that require face protection. This is being done in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, which is still a big issue in the United States.

In accordance with protocols outlined by the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO), moviegoers must wear masks when attending any showings. Warner Bros. is taking those outlines seriously and notes, “These special terms are being offered to its exhibitor customers specifically for Tenet to address the special circumstances in the market…including the high commercial risk from uncertain consumer demand, reopening rules, health and safety regulations, and socially distancing capacity issues.”

There are some other stupid guidelines that WB is asking for, but those amount to theaters playing extra trailers before Tenet. This includes plugging Wonder Woman 1984 and some other DC crap. If theaters are willing to play ball, then you’ll be able to watch Tenet at your local venue.

I suppose that is better than sending people out to die, but I’d still rather wait out the coronavirus than go to a theater. No film is worth dying over, especially not some pretentious sci-fi action flick.

Source: CBR

Peter Glagowski
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