Terence Nance leaves Space Jam 2 over creative differences


If there is one thing that I can promise you about Flixist it is that you will always, always, always be kept up to date on any Space Jam news. In light of that, allow me to tell you that director Terrence Nance is being replaced by Malcom D. Lee on the Lebron James-led sequel, Space Jam 2. Nance reportedly left the project over creative differences.

Yea. Creative Differences. On Space Jam 2. Look, Terrence, I’m glad you’re passionate about Space Jam because we’re all passionate about Space Jam, but I’m not sure being so passionate about Space Jam that you lose a job is really worth it. What were these creative differences? Did you not want to Jam? Did you not want Space involved? Perhaps you didn’t want Spacing or Jamming in the film at all? A Looney Tunes sequel starring a basketball player just seems to be an odd place to stick your flag, man. 

I theorize this is how it went down:

Nance: Listen, what if you didn’t Jam, Lebron?
Lebron: Not Jam? But that’s what the movie is about. Jamming in Space.
Nance: That’s why it’ll be so unexpected.
Lebron: You’re fired.

Anyway, Lee is actually a really solid replacement. The man delivered the surprisingly hilarious Girls Trip and the criminally forgotten Undercover Brother. He’s one of the better comedic directors out there, honestly. Maybe now we’ll finally get some details on what this movie actually is about… you know, aside from space and jam.

Malcolm D. Lee Takes Over As Director On ‘Space Jam 2’ [Deadline]

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