The 10 movies to watch before Starz leaves Netflix


If you have or have access to a Netflix Instant Play account (and who doesn’t?), you may have noticed a little box that says “Starz Play.” Well, you’ll only be seeing it for another month. On February 28th, the Netflix-Starz licensing agreement will end and thousands of movies will be removed from the instant streaming library. As with any service, there are plenty of terrible movies that are not worth your time, but there are a few diamonds in the rough. Below is 10 movies that you should watch before their time is up.

There is a pretty good chance you have seen at least some of them, but they are nonetheless ripe for rewatching. Since the selection changes weekly, there may be some new ones in the coming month, but these should be there until the end. Now make haste, because the clock is ticking.


I remember being pleasantly surprised by Apocalypto when I saw it in theaters. At least half of the movie is just one giant chase scene, and a pretty cool one at that. I don’t know how often you get the urge, but if you’re looking for a way to see native people chase and murder each other for two and a bit hours , there are much worse ways to do that. 

City of Life and Death

Full disclosure: This is one of two movies on this list that I have not actually seen. I put this here because it is a priority for me. I’ve heard great things about this film, which is about the battle best known as The Rape of Nanking. I’m severely lacking in my knowledge of war-time Chinese films, and this seems like a pretty good place to start.

Enemy Mine

Enemy Mine isn’t a great movie, but who doesn’t like a good story about a human and a weird alien thing coming together to establish some kind of friendship in order to survive? It’s all about breaking down those barriers between people, and it succeeds at being a pretty compelling story. There are much better science fiction films from 1985, but Brazil isn’t on Netflix Instant, so this will have to do.

Howl's Moving Castle

This is probably the Miyazaki film that I remember the least of all of the films of his that I have seen, which makes me feel like I should rewatch it before Starz gets pulled. Because I don’t remember it very well, I can assume it’s not his best (Spirited Away would take that prize in my mind), but even not-as-good Miyazaki is still pretty damn good.

Let Me In

Full disclosure: Haven’t seen this one either. It’s another one I’d like to see. I enjoyed Let the Right One In, and I’m curious to see how it was treated in the remake. I’ve heard mixed things, but I haven’t really heard bad things. If nothing else, I’m a big fan of Chloe Moretz, which is mostly why it’s on the list. She’s great. If you prefer your vampires with dark hair, the original is also on Netflix Instant. I am aware that not everyone can deal with subtitles (though I don’t really understand why or how), so I guess those people (freaks) will have to watch this one by default.

Mortal Kombat: The Movie


Robin Hood: Men in Tights

The first of two Mel Brooks movies to be on this list. Carey Elwes essentially returns to the character he played in the excellent Princess Bride and clearly has a great time doing so, and everyone else does too. Nothing is as depressing as seeing a comedy where the actors don’t love what they’re doing. Pretty much every moment of Men in Tights is absolute gold. I just recently rewatched this, and laughed the whole way through. Also, I felt incredibly bad about myself that it took me so long to figure out the Loxley and Bagel (pronounced more like Bah-ghell) joke. Regardless, a must watch whether you’ve seen it before or not.


I imagine that the lantern scene of this film was probably amazing in 3D. I saw it in 2D and was still blown away. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent film, and fully worth your time if you have not seen it. Hopefully you won’t have stupid fat children sitting behind you incorrectly predicting the plot the whole way through. For more information on this particular film, read our very own Jenika Katz’s most recent Princess Review.

Toy Story 3

I have a special connection with the Toy Story series, one that applies only to people my age. I literally grew up with Andy. When the first films came out, I did the same things he was doing, and when he was packing up for college, so was I. Since I was older and more able to appreciate the humor of the 3rd film, I definitely felt closer to it. It is incredibly likely that you don’t have that same kind of connection that people my age (and only my age) do, but it’s a film that is definitely worth seeing for everybody. It’s just a wonderful film. Also, if you were wondering, I didn’t cry. I came very, very close, but I didn’t do it.

Young Frankenstein

Mel Brooks movie numero dos. I don’t think I need to say much about Young Frankenstein. Like Men in Tights, it’s absolutely brilliant comedy from beginning to end. Frankly, you should already own a physical copy of this movie that you watch at least once a year. You shouldn’t need Netflix to get your Mel Brooks fix. If for whatever reason you don’t, go buy it and watch this while you wait for it to arrive.





Just for fun, here’s one more:


And here’s the part where I realize that I really won’t be missing Starz Play all that much.