The Babysitter may become a trilogy according to McG


While The Babysitter: Killer Queen certainly wasn’t a bad movie, I can’t help but admit that I was a bit disappointed by it. I love the first entry in this franchise from the bottom of my heart and while I knew that the sequel probably wouldn’t be as good, it was still a shame that it played things so safe. Regardless of how I feel, the movie seems to be doing really well on Netflix, currently resting as their Number 2 most streamed title.

Despite my misgivings for the sequel, I still enjoy this franchise and it’s clear that its director, McG, loves it too. In a recent podcast, McG opened up about the possibility of a third installment wrapping up the story of its protagonist, Cole. According to McG, “There have always been three beats to this story. There’s the first beat, which is an adolescent Cole, who is having these strange feelings about the babysitter… In the second film he’s in an age where he can experience love… and we could explore that. I don’t want to talk about the third beat of the Cole arc, but should the audience like this movie, we’re ready to do the third one.”

Given the ending of Killer Queen, I would respectfully like to disagree with McG. The ending wraps things up in a pretty satisfying note wraps up most of the loose plot threads left dangling by the first and second movie. Plus, one of my biggest criticisms of the sequel was how much it recycled content from the first movie. My fear is that if The Babysitter does become a trilogy, then it doesn’t really have any strong legs to stand on outside of referential humor.

I want to be proven wrong. I really do! But The Babysitter is perfectly fine where it is. It was a solid duology that had one amazing entry and one okay entry. As far as horror franchises go, The Babysitter should be pretty content with what it’s done so far. However, the decision to greenlight a sequel ultimately lies with Netflix, so we’ll have to wait and see if a third entry in The Babysitter franchise will even be a thing.


Jesse Lab
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