The Comeback Trail with Robert DeNiro and Zach Braff tries to kill Tommy Lee Jones in first trailer


Is it just me or has the pandemic been hardest on comedies? Big blockbusters still can garner press through delays but a lot of the smaller comedies just seem to have been forgotten about. Sure, we had Bill and Ted Face the Music, but that’s a cult classic not an original. That’s why it’s great to see the trailer for The Comeback Trail, a comedy that looks like the exact kind of thing we haven’t had for a while. Also, it looks actually funny, which helps.

The movie stars Rober DeNiro and Zach Braff as two producers in debt to the mob. So they decide to do what any good producers do: make money off of an insurance scam. They enlist an aging actor played by Tommy Lee Jones (in a truly meta role) to join their big film, planning to kill him off and claim the insurance on the film. The problem is that you can’t kill Tommy Lee Jones. You just can’t.

Obviously this movie owes a lot to Mel Brook’s classic The Producers, with the story being so close in concept I’m surprised it doesn’t legally have to say it was inspired by it. However, the cast alone helps it pull itself out of comparisons and director/writer George Gallo did write… ummm… Bad Boys. OK, but the cast. The cast is definitely good.

The Comeback Trail will release in theaters on November 13, 2020.

Matthew Razak
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