The Crown – Season Four will premiere on November 15


In a new sneak peek video today, Netflix announced that The Crown – Season Four will be premiering on November 15, 2020. This new season will see Queen Elizabeth deal with the transition from the 70s to the 80s and detail how she continued to reign supreme…or something. I’m not exactly sure what The Crown is about.

EXCLUSIVE NEWS: The Crown Season 4 Release Date and Sneak Peek

As a quick refresher, The Crown – Season Four is not the final one for the show. Originally slated for only five seasons, Netflix made a surprise announcement earlier this year confirmed the sixth season would be entering production in the future. Fans wanted to see a proper conclusion to this saga and Netflix wasn’t ready to run away from all of that extra cash.

Having still not taken the time to watch this series, I was confused by today’s news. I thought the show was ending in the very near future, but that isn’t happening just yet. For the time being, we have more storylines to get through before writer Peter Morgan can put this series to bed.

This quick refresher is nice, but it likely won’t be enough to simply jump straight into season four. I certainly have enough time to get ready for November, at least, so maybe I’ll start binging now.

Source: Netflix PR

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