Netflix debuts new trailer for The Cuphead Show alongside release date


Netflix announced this morning that The Cuphead Show will soon be making its debut on the streaming service. Set to release on February 18, 2022, the series will see Cuphead and Mugman team up to tackle troubles in their homeworld of Inkwell Isles. Taking inspiration from the video game it’s based on, the first season will see the duo fighting against The Devil and his schemes at the Carnival (pronounced Carn-evil).

Co-produced with developer Studio MDHR, the show looks to capture the same vaudeville-style animation that gave Cuphead its appeal. What’s more surprising is that every character has a voice, something the game did not feature. I guess it would have been a bit extreme to create multiple half-hour episodes where no one speaks, but it certainly lends a new flavor to The Cuphead Show.

One thing that struck me while watching the trailer was some similarities to Rocko’s Modern Life. That is likely because Cosmo Segurson is co-producing the series for Netflix. While his work dates back to the Rocko Netflix special, he clearly picked up a love for 90s style cartoons. It’s very evident for The Cuphead Show.

At any rate, if you’re a fan of the game, you won’t have long to wait for this series now.

Source: Netflix PR

Peter Glagowski
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