‘The Magic School Bus Rides Again’ has a weak-ass trailer now


Along with most of my fellow friends and classmates, I grew up in the culture of the late 90’s. It was a marvelous time filled with Rollerblades, Pizza, and Nintendo; almost everything a kid needs to have a good time. Almost. Kids are naturally curious, and my generation looked to educational TV like Bill Nye the Science Guy and The Magic School Bus to explore the unknown world…with science! This sort of programming was apart of our daily schooling regiment, and was about as entertaining as you could get if you didn’t have a regular science class.

Given this, you’d think that a new trailer for Netlix produced The Magic School Bus Rides Again would be pretty exciting. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Rides Again is actually a sequel to the original series, made plain and clear as Ms. Frizzle hands the keys to the bus over to her sister, Fiona Frizzle, to continue taking kids on adventures that no parent would ever sign the permission slip for. Kate Mckinnon plays Fiona Frizzle, and Lilly Tomlin reprises her role as the OG Frizz. However, the whole affair feels off. Gone is the eccentric art style of the original show. In its place is a flat, muted color palatte with uninteresting character designs that look like freaking Bitstrips.

I hope the finished product is better than the trailer, but my gut tells me this is one might be a stinker.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again premieres September 29, 2017 on Netflix.

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