The Matrix Resurrections looks quite dazzling in its first trailer


As promised a few days ago, Warner Bros Pictures has uploaded the first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections and it sure looks dazzling. Taking an approach similar to how the original Matrix was marketed, we don’t actually learn quite a lot about what the plot is here. We simply get a look at the style, the pizzaz, and some of the action that will complete the package that is Resurrections.

As was to be expected, this is the same trailer that made its debut at CinemaCon a few weeks ago. It follows the very description we saw from different publications, complete with the same pacing. That’s maybe a bummer for those expecting a completely original look at the film, but reading and seeing are two completely different things. No amount of words can truly prepare you for what you’re about to witness.

I do appreciate that Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” is played from the original recording rather than some slowed-down, modern pop rendition that trailers typically employ. Using the song is maybe a bit on the nose for The Matrix, but you can’t blame Lana Wachowski for picking such an iconic song. It just works, especially with the backing orchestra getting louder as the trailer progresses.

The Matrix Resurrections is scheduled to hit theaters and HBO Max on December 22, 2021 (i.e. 12.22.21). If you have a subscription to the streaming service, there’s really no reason to miss this.

Source: YouTube

Peter Glagowski
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