The New Mutants did not undergo reshoots says director


It may have taken 6,000 years to happen, but the last Fox X-Men film The New Mutants will be releasing next month. Because of all the turmoil surrounding the merger of Fox with Disney, many have speculated that the house of mouse mandated reshoots for this non-MCU film. That, apparently, isn’t the case according to director Josh Boone.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Boone firmly stated, “Everybody said we did reshoots! We’ve never done reshoots. And I’ll tell you this: if there hadn’t been a merger, I’m sure we would’ve done reshoots the same way every movie does pickups. We didn’t even do that because by the time the merger was done and everything was settled, everybody’s older.”

The timeline is a little unclear on when The New Mutants wrapped production, but the film has supposedly been finished since 2018. With the Disney/Fox merger not finalizing until March 2019, Boone’s statement is accurate. Everyone would have been close to two years older and that would be incredibly distracting.

Star Maisie Williams even concurred with Boone to EW. “The movie is exactly the movie we set out to make,” she said. “I was nervous when they were talking about reshooting or re-editing that it was gonna be very different, but honestly, it’s exactly what we set out to do.”

So yeah: The New Mutants doesn’t have any redone footage. This will be the exact movie Boone wanted to create. Maybe that’s not the best thing, but at least Disney didn’t meddle with something after the fact.

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