The Next Bond film is slated for 2019


There’s been some confusion lately over the role of James Bond; who will play him, and most of all, when he’ll reappear on the silver screen. With things slowly taking shape behind the scenes, us fans have been left mostly in the dark, merely speculating if X piece of news is true or rumor, fact or fiction. Today, that mystery has been somewhat cleared up, and while speculation is still fair game, that too may soon vanish. 

Announced via the official James Bond twitter account, the next film in the series will debut on November 8, 2019. No title, cast or director were mentioned. It’s a small piece of information, but enough to go on for now. With a set release date, the next information that’s sure to come out will be the cast (let’s not beat around the bush, people want to know if Daniel Craig is coming back) and the director. While Craig is expected to return, true fans will hold their breath until and announcement straight from Eon Productions or MGM. Still, yesterday the New York Times declared Craig will definitively return, so it’s possible they know something the rest of us don’t. Yet. 

That leaves the director. Who should needs to direct this film? Well, if you’ve been paying attention to Matt, you know that Christopher Nolan would be a dream come true, though getting Nolan to sign on for Craig’s final film seems easier said than done to both of us. Nolan isn’t a director who waits for a film to come to him, and while he’s certainly not afraid to helm a franchise (just look at his Batman trilogy,) reserving him for the films would likely take some planning ahead. Still, I’ve no doubt that whoever directs this next Bond film will be talented, willing and able to deliver an excellent movie. 

[via Twitter]