The Office is leaving Netflix in 2021 and moving to NBCUniversal’s streaming platform


It’s no secret why Netflix is shoving out more and more original content at faster and faster paces. They need to hook us on shows so we’ll stayed subscribed to their service when every non-original show and movie eventually leaves. Disney is quickly grabbing back their content for Disney+, WarnerMedia will soon steal its content (ahem Friends), and NBCUniversal is taking their content back starting with The Office in 2021.

That’s a massive blow to Netflix as The Office is a show that everyone loves to just tune into. It’s a streaming platforms dream show. Eternally re-watchable, always hilarious, and constantly relevant. It’s a nearly impossible show to replace but Netflix will have to. 

Of course, this is a bit far away. For the two-ish years Netflix will still be the home of the show. NBCUniversal’s streaming platform doesn’t even have a name yet and no launch date so that makes some sense. It’s also not a “traditional” streaming platform as it will be given out “free” to Comcast and Sky customers while featuring ads. There’s also a standalone subscription version, but the main goal here for NBCUniversal is to help stop cable cutting and having The Office will definitely do that.

‘The Office’ To Move From Netflix To NBCUniversal’s Streaming Service In 2021 [Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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