The Onion thinks Green Lantern looks stupid. I agree.


It’s fun to laugh at how hard Hollywood pushes their films with over the top advertising, but then movies like Green Lantern come along and show why it’s often necessary or you run the risk of your film being dead on arrival. I had no idea what it was about for months, and then when I finally hunted down the trailer my jaw dropped at how bizarre the premise was. Silly name, silly costume, silly ring with silly powers, silly alien planet with even sillier looking aliens, and a pretty vague villain. Maybe that’s why they’re pushing the logo everywhere but none of the plot or other characters?

I’m a big fan of Ryan Reynolds and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the leaked Blake Lively nude pics as much as you guys did, but this is looking like the definition of throwing money at a super hero franchise that only the original fans will see. In other words, expect a box office flop.