The Punisher, Netflix Daredevil spinoff has new teaser trailer


Most jokes that could be made about Netflix’s trailer for the first season of The Punisher have been made. Frank Castle goes Rambo. Frank Castle plays hide and seek with army buddies. Frank castle looks like a junkie who may or may not perform sex acts for smack. What does it take to make a teaser trailer these days for a highly anticipated television series? Apparently, not much more than a hoody, your lead, two extras, and the woods outside the local Applebees.

MARVELS THE PUNISHER Teaser Trailer SEASON 1 (2017) Netflix Series

Netflix: you are quickly losing the credit you built up with your segment of the Marvel Extended Cinematic Universe! Starting strong with Daredevil and ‘meh’-ing your way through Jessica JonesLuke Cage, and Daredevil‘s second season does not mean we’ll watch garbage (Iron Fist) and stuff that looks like you’re phoning it in (The Defenders, this).

John Berenthal has made an adequate Punisher: don’t squander your lead. Story matters. Effort matters. If you’re going to tease us, do so with something that makes us blush, not something that makes us cringe or frown.

How would you have made a better teaser? Frankly, I might have just had JB eating a donut in the window of a coffee shop as all hell broke lose outside. And he just calmly kept eating it. Never looking. Never reacting or emoting while everyone else flipped the f out. Same amount of effort. Relative costs. Better teaser.




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