The Punisher season 2 shows little in teasers, but has a possible airdate


With Marvel shows Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and even Daredevil getting the boot from Netflix, the two remaining programs in the Defenders line of shows feel a bit like lame ducks. The Punisher is next in line to stream on the service, but even with (apparently) a few weeks until its premiere the little marketing the show has received thus far barely reveals anything.

Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) is back a short teaser releasing at the beginning of the new year, which depicts the character burning a presidential pardon he earned at the end of the first season. Time to get back to punishing, it seems. The plot will involve a young grifter (Giorgia Whigham) whose path crosses with Frank’s, and the villain will be a Christian Fundamentalist described as “alt-right” (via Collider) played by Josh Stewart. Also expect Jigsaw (Ben Barnes) to return, apparently getting the best plastic surgeons in the world despite getting his face smashed up.

The Middle Eastern and African Netflix Twitter accounts included The Punisher season 2 as streaming on January 18, but those tweets have since been deleted. The date seems likely, as the show was included in a highlight reel from Netflix for this month. It seems a bit odd that there is no major push for the show with it being less than a month—no big convention appearances, media tour, or the like. There may be even less promotion than there was for the first season, which was reportedly delayed due to the Las Vegas shooting.

The first season was one that I thought was well-written and acted, but not quite exceptional. Bernthal is practically born for the role, and his dynamic with his partner Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) was one of the more interesting parts of the show. It was a bit too heavy on the military and government conspiracies when I always felt that the Punisher was supposed to be more of a street vigilante—that’s one element I hope to see in this upcoming season. Let’s hope it doesn’t get canceled right out the door. But who are we kidding? It’s probably get axed the day of release. Jessica Jones will probably follow before its third season even releases. Isn’t show business great?

Check out even more useless teasers below.