The script for a sequel to The VelociPastor has been finished


At a time when production is shutting down for just about every movie and show on earth, when theaters are either empty or closing, when it seems everyone involved with any film is locked away in a safe room waiting for this all to blow over, you can always look to the indie scene for inspiration. Sure, the next season of Stranger Things might be on hold, but a sequel to The VelociPastor? Don’t worry, folks, that’s well on it’s way!

What you see above are the pages for filmmaker Brendan Steere’s next work in The VelociPastor‘s universe firing from a nondescript printer hot and ready. Films are still being made, everybody! We were worried before, but I think we can all breathe much easier knowing The VelociPastor 2 is on its way.

I wasn’t super kind to The VelociPastor in my review, but I’m still very much interested in a sequel. There were moments, little glittering bits of The VelociPastor that represented the grindhouse parody it was aiming to be. There was just plenty of stuff that didn’t work, as well. Hopefully the sequel will pack a bit more bite.

The film will presumably begin shooting sometime after the pandemic.

A Sequel to ‘The VelociPastor’ Has Been Written [Bloody Disgusting]

Kyle Yadlosky
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