The Witcher’s original pitch had Ciri as its star

Showrunner Lauren Hissrich Explains the World of The Witcher

If there’s one thing The Witcher series is known for, it is Geralt as the main protagonist. A central figure in everything related to The Witcher, it’s hard to imagine a TV series without him as the star. According to showrunner Lauren Hissrich, we almost got that with Netflix’s upcoming adaptation.

In a new interview uploaded to YouTube, Hissrich reveals that her original pitch had put Ciri (a kind of adopted child of Geralt) in the lead role. She would have acted as a narrator and lens for the viewer to experience the world of The Witcher through, though Hissrich thought something was missing.

“I realized as I started writing that version that I wasn’t getting enough of Geralt and his perspective, because it was being told through Ciri,” Hissrich stated. “So it actually took me a while; I went through several versions.” While Ciri does make an appearance in the show, Hissrich ultimately decided on focusing on Geralt’s struggles instead of shifting away from him.

Why was the pitch originally centered on Ciri? “What I wanted to capture is these women before they were seen through the lens of anyone else,” Hissrich explains. “In the books, all the characters are met through Geralt, so you get Geralt’s impression of them, then you get to meet them, and I wanted the world to see Ciri who she was first.” While that is admirable, the series is ostensibly Geralt’s tale. He should be the one telling it.

At any rate, there’s a chance that Ciri may take the center stage should the show prove successful. With reportedly around seven seasons planned, we may yet get out adaptation of “The Lady in the Lake.”

Showrunner Lauren Hissrich Explains the World of The Witcher [Netflix UK & Ireland via YouTube]

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