The Wolverine’s production possibly slashed until 2012


James Howlett, you don’t have to turn to alcohol because your next film’s production is set to be delayed until next year! Remember, big boys don’t cry, especially to the bottom of a bottle. Hisako Ichiki, why aren’t you doing more to console your elder?

Just a few months ago, Hugh Jackman confirmed a production start for the Wolverine sequel for this October. However, Collider reports that production is being pushed to 2012 due to Jackman’s commitment to the film adaptation of Les Miserables. Due to the earthquake that rocked Japan back in March, Fox had to focus their attention to shooting in Vancouver. Unfortunately, The Wolverine was being prepped for on-location shoots in Japan. Fox might go so far as to not shoot in Japan at all, which would possibly make it half as entertaining as it could have been.

Then again, we all lost hope for The Wolverine a long time ago, right?

[via Collider]