These dolls are going to stab your flesh and eat your bones in Evil Little Things trailer


Evil Little Things (2020) Exclusive Trailer HD

I think that with film’s illustrious history of people being hounded and murdered by myriad marionettes, puppets, and mannequins we’d know that when some creepy old dude grumbles that every toy in his shop has a story to tell you’d have the good sense to take little Timmy’s hand and drag him straight to a Walmart for a good, clean doll that won’t pluck his eyes out while he sleeps. Do kids even like dolls, anymore? I figured it’s just a pass time for vengeful grandmas, so they have something to possess and use to torment their heirs after they die, but maybe that’s just me.

In Evil Little Things we have our storytelling toymaker share an anthology of demonic toy tales, which will include a stabby bride doll and some kind of clown with a toothy, slimy alien mouth hole. Did I decide to write this piece when I saw that XTRO-esque throat and thought, “Hey, I don’t want that doll to eat me?” Yes, yes I did.

I also happen to be a fan of the killer-doll sub-genre of horror, and with the surprisingly good Child’s Play remake behind us and the sequel that needs to tie up Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich‘s cliffhanger ending yet to materialize, Evil Little Things looks well-poised to fill the gap.

We all can take a ride down that clown doll’s demonic moth hole when Evil Little Things comes to VOD and DVD on May 12, 2020.

Kyle Yadlosky
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