Tilda Swinton might join Doctor Strange


Some days, the sun shines just a little brighter and the sky is a little more blue. Today is one of those days – according to The Hollywood Reporter, Noted Perfect Human Tilda Swinton is in talks to join Marvel’s Doctor Strange, slated for release next year.

THR’s report suggests that Swinton is in negotiations to join the film as the Ancient One. In the comics, that’s the super-powerful mystic being who teaches Stephen Strange (played here by Noted Funny Name Haver Benedict Cumberbatch) the ways of the mystic arts. In the comics that character is also male, but hey – it’s 2015 now and we have a female Thor. The sky’s the limit on this kind of thing, right?

To date, not much else is known about Doctor Strange. Besides starring Cumberbatch and (potentially) Swinton, Scott Derrickson is confirmed to be the director. It’s likely the film will focus on the character’s origin. Since his first appearance in 1963, the broad strokes of that origin have been the same – after arrogant and conceited surgeon Stephen Strange loses the use of his hands in an accident, he tries everything to restore himself to his former glory. Eventually he turns to the mystic arts and becomes the Sorcerer Supreme, taking on all manner of supernatural villains. It’s arguably the first time the Marvel Cinematic Universe will go all-in on the mystic elements; even the Thor films explain away the wonders of Asgard as super-tough aliens with hyper-advanced science.

Again, the possibility of Swinton joining the cast is very welcome news; she’s a terrific actress and knocks just about every role she’s ever had out of the park. Even if this ends up being a one-off role (the Ancient One is big in Doctor Strange’s origin but not much beyond that), this can only be a good thing. Doctor Strange is set to begin filming this November in the UK.

[via THR]